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TT Fossil Preparation Pen
  • Instructions for use
  • Pre fitted air connector, filter and a 6 feet long hose
  • Lubrication oil in convenient dropper bottle
  • The protective sheath
Max blows per minute 13500.   Air flow 1.1 cfm.
Vibration level 4.2 m/s/s.   Sound level 79 db.


The TT pen is the more powerful of my two pens. It is typically the first choice of pen for those bigger pieces such as large ammonites and large nodules and mass assemblages when the user might benefit from faster matrix removal. It is noiser than the SL2 at full power but still remains capable of fine finishing work when turned down.

The SL2 Pen is typically the pen of choice for working on more fragile or softer rocks such as chalk, oolites and fine laminates, smaller delicate fossils such as trilobites and for work under magnification where the power of the TT can become largely unused. The SL2 has a more refined power delivery for close fine work while still remaining a deceptively powerful pen for roughing out and general 'spade work'.

  Fossil Preparation Pen.
Model TT

      Pneumatic air operation   

Our TT Fossil Preparation Pen is a very versatile fossil preparation pen. Enduringly popular and the workhorse of much general fossil preparation for many years

Evolved and produced by us specifically to meet the more demanding requirements of fossil preparation without compromise. Far removed from a basic industrial air engraver that was often pressed into service in the past, it has a far superior versatility and flexibility to produce the best fossil results.

The TT pen includes

  • A considerably robust stylus with a 2mm diameter tungsten carbide at the tip, for an extremely long life, in a grade suited to working with stone.
  • A refined nose, in hardened steel, gives great support to the stylus, enabling matrix removal at the finest level to be maintained. Fossil prep typically is done with the pen at a more acute angle increasing considerably the side load on this critical part.
  • A main body made from stainless steel, with a good ergonomic grip, giving better control for both detailed work and fast matrix removal at fossil preparation angles and applications.
  • Lever switch for easier power control, and a lighter hose that can be easily adjusted for length.
  • Has that essential focused air stream over the tip to keep the point clear
  • Hand made here, we have 100% quality control and 100% total spares backup and service support.

The TT Fossil Preparation Pen is deceptively powerful for its size, while being genuinely capable of truly fine finishing work, with a surprisingly meagre air consumption. It has a wide power range and is easily and instantly varied for close or fast work.

A trio of Upper & Lower lias Whitby Fossils. All done with the TT pen
The Eye of an Ichthyosaur being revealed, a multi block of Arnioceras Ammonites and a Datylioceras Ammonite.
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