Ken Mannion
   Fossil Preparation Tools   
                Since 1996     
          Fossil Preparation Pen. Model ST
      Pneumatic air operation  

 Our ST Fossil Preparation Pen showing 

  • Spare seals pack
  • Instructions for use
  • Air filter
  • Lubrication oil
  • The protective sheath for the stylus

     As supplied in its foam lined box
Max blows per minute 30000.   Air consumption 3 cfm.
Max air pressure 90psi.   Weight of pen body 200g.

The ST Fossil Preparation Pen is manufactured wholly by us. It is a specifically designed fossil preparation pen that has evolved entirely in our fossil preparation workshop environment without compromises to other uses. It is produced from the finest grades of stainless steel, tungsten carbide and auxiliary fittings.

Fossil preparation puts very specific demands on tools and subjects them to totally different stresses than other applications such as metal engraving. Typically a fossil preparation pen at this level has to run for longer, has to be smoother, quieter and be considerably more flexible than "make do" air engravers. Points need to be in a material that can deal with the abrasive nature of rock rather than metal and they need a precise exhaust to deal with dust build up at the point of work. Importantly internal components have to be more substantial to deal with the acute cutting angles employed in fossil preparation rather than the upright peening stance of engraving pens.

The ST has the following

  • Precise airstream over the tip through a very robust bearing
  • Flexible Operation from 30PSI(2bar) to 90PSI(6bar) due to our precise tuning
  • Lever variable switch for instant control
  • Easily adjustable hose length
  • Stainless steel body parts
  • Inline airfilter
  • Swivel hose
 A fossil preparation pen with an extremely flexible delivery enabling swift matrix removal as well as the finest work to be achieved with real finesse. Relatively quiet, easy to maintain and proven reliability in its field.

Coccosteus cuspidatus  
A text book perfect example of this iconic Armoured Devonian Fish from Scotland.
Prepared with our ST Fossil Preparation Pen. (Approx. 50cm/20inches long)
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