Ken Mannion
   Fossil Preparation Tools   
                Since 1980     
          Fossil Preparation Pen. Model ST
      Pneumatic air operation  

Our ST Fossil Preparation Pen showing 

  • That all important extended stylus
  • Spare seals pack
  • Instructions for use
  • Pre fitted air connector
  • Lubrication in convenient container
  • The protective sheath for the nose/stylus
 As delivered in its foam lined box


Our ST Fossil Preparation Pen is adapted and extensively modified from generic airscribes/air engravers designed specifically for writing engraving and etching on metals

Fossil preparation puts very specific demands on tools subjecting them to totally different stresses than engraving. The ST pen has a superior Fossil preparation performance than a basic standard air engraver despite retaining a similar outward appearance. Our modifications include 6 replacement or additional parts and several machining alterations

Often considered our entry level pen The ST Fossil Preparation Pen is quiet, smooth and easy to use making it an ideal first or one only pen. Its very high stroke rate enables both fast matrix removal and fine detailed work making it a most versatile pen that will always be useful even if you acquire any of our other pens later. Although the least expensive of our pens its performance is not compromised and many hundreds supplied by us are actively in use within museum and universities worldwide and have been for many years

  • Airstream over the tip
  • Can operate smoothly from 30PSI(2bar) to 90PSI(6bar) due to our precise tuning.
  • High Quality long life Stylus made from our optimum Fossil grade Tungsten carbide
Max blows per minute 3000.   Air consumption 2 cfm.
Max air pressure 90psi.   Weight of pen body 200g.

Coccosteus cuspidatus  
A text book perfect example of this iconic Armoured Devonian Fish from Scotland.
Prepared with our ST Fossil Preparation Pen. (Approx. 50cm/20inches long)
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