Ken Mannion
   Fossil Preparation Tools    
   Since 1996
Fossil Preparation Pen. Model SL2


The SL2 Fossil Preparation Pen is designed and manufactured solely by us. Countless thousands of hours of fuss free fossil preparation have been done on a broad range of fossil types by many individuals at every level of ability with the SL2 pen.

The SL2 pen has a unique alloy twin bearing design mounted within a stainless steel body and internals to support the very long stylus at critical points. The twin bearings erradicate any deflection at the tip, significantly increasing smoothness and drastically reduces operating noise.

Extremely flexible and surprisingly powerful. This pen has a very wide power range that is unsurpassable by other tools and is hard to match.

Very Reliable and easy to use with an undeniable, proven extremely long working life without compromise to its ability.

An early Primitive Horseshoe Crab, A Pharodus fish from the Green River Fm USA, and a lower lias Dorset Cuttlefish showing the ink sac and the arm hooklets still in situ. All done with an SL2 pen
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