Ken Mannion
   Fossil Preparation Tools    
   Since 1996
Fossil Preparation Pen. Model SL2
      Pneumatic air operation 


  • Spare seals pack
  • Instructions for use
  • Pre fitted air connector and filter
  • Lubrication in convenient container
  • The protective sheath for the nose/stylus
 As delivered in its foam lined box

  Air consumption 2cfm Approx. Max air pressure 90psi.  

The SL2 Pen is typically the pen of choice for working on more fragile or delicate rock matrices such as oolites and fine laminates, The SL2 has a more refined power delivery for close fine work while still remaining a deceptively powerful pen for roughing out and general 'spade work'.



The SL2 Fossil Preparation Pen was designed and is manufactured solely by us specifically for Fossil Preparation

It has important and unique fossil preparing features developed on an extensive range of fossils over many years that we know benefit users, particularly those doing a lot of high end important work, who can take full advantage of the refinements

The SL2 pen has a complex alloy twin bearing design mounted within a high grade aluminium alloy body with stainless steel internals to support the very long stylus at critical points. Virtually erradicating any deflection at the tip , significantly increasing smoothness and drastically cutting down operating noise.

Extremely flexible and surprisingly robust, this pen has a top level combination of characteristics such as lightness smoothness and flexibility that is hard to match.

Proven reliability comprehensively supported by our total spares availability and service backup

Features include

  • An essential focused airstream over the tip to keep the point clear
  • Can operate over a wide pressure range. Just as happy at 45 psi as 90psi
  • Instant lever switch adjustment through a wide range
  • Simple variable hose length adjustment

An early Primitive Horseshoe Crab, A Pharodus fish from the Green River Fm USA, and a lower lias Dorset Cuttlefish showing the ink sac and the arm hooklets still in situ. All done with an SL2 pen
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