Ken Mannion
Fossil Preparation Tools
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 Serving, Amateur & Vocational Preparers & Conservators, Commercial Fossil Preparation Businesses.
Museum & University Research Establishments
Since 1996
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Fossil Preparation Pen. Model TT. a long established pen produced entirely by us. Constantly re-evaluated and refined over many years. Recently modified with newly designed internals to give more power at lower air pressures over a broader range and now fitted with tougher more durable styluses to suit.. More

Fossil Preparation Pen. Model SL2. A uniquely designed pen developed produced & manufactured by us. Refined, quiet, smooth with an extremely flexible ability to cope with a vast range of fossil matrixes . More

Fossil Preparation Chisel Tool. Model SQ. A Heavy duty tool for "roughing out ' of matrix and overburden on large blocks and slabs. Low noise and even lower air consumption. Lots of control and a high level of finesse for a tool of this performance. Recently redesigned by us with a tougher more robust stylus. More

Spares Repairs & Upgrades
   Overhauls &  Servicing 
  • Comprehensive supply of spares and on-going service & support for Fossil Preparation Tools. An invaluable and essential service for fossil preparators at all levels.
  • Fossil Preparation Tools serviced & repaired back to peak effectiveness. Quick turnaround guaranteed.
  • Replacement Styluses, Stylus Point repairs, Immediate despatch.
  • Tools and spares always available on stock for instant despatch.

Ken Mannion has over 40 years of fossil preparation experience and over 25 years of producing , designing and supplying fossil preparation tools. I was a fully qualified Production Engineer for 15 years previously.

I am equally comfortable working with leading national museums, university research establishments, commercial dealers or the amateur preparer/preparator working from home workshops.

Our Tools are in use in over 35 countries Worldwide.


Ken Mannion. 59 Barrow Road. Barton upon Humber. North Lincolnshire. DN18 6AE.United Kingdom.
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