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Fossil Preparation Tools
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  Serving Independent & Amateur Fossil Preparers/Preparators,
Vocational Collectors & Commercial Fossil Preparing Businesses.
Sculptors, Rock Carvers, Stone Masons
Palaeological, Geological & Archaeological
Since 1996
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Ken Mannion. 59 Barrow Road. Barton upon Humber. North Lincolnshire. DN18 6AE. UK.
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Fossil Preparation Tools
  • Supplied world wide to over 35 countries for over 25 years.
  • Evolved over 20 years of continuing development in conjunction with countless users at the highest level.
  • Have an enviable pedigree and long proven ability

Spares Repairs Upgrades
   Overhauls Maintenance Servicing 
  • Fossil Preparation Tools serviced, rebuilt, repaired and upgraded.
  • Comprehensive Stocks of spares and consumable parts always on stock.
  • We have Professional level workshop production, repair & servicing facilities.
  • We supply valuable, progressive, and essential ongoing support for fossil preparators at all levels.
About Us

Ken Mannion has over 40 years of fossil preparation experience and over 25 years of producing, designing, supplying, maintaining and servicing fossil preparation tools.

We are equally comfortable working with leading national museums, university research establishments, commercial fossil dealers or the independent fossil preparer working from a home workshop.

We welcome all enquiries and always respond and return your enquiry with practical realistic advice regardless of your experience circumstances or commitment.

Ken Mannion. 59 Barrow Road. Barton upon Humber. North Lincolnshire. DN18 6AE.United Kingdom.
Visitors by appointment       Tel : 01652 660700       Email