Ken Mannion
Fossil Preparation Tools
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  Serving Independent & Amateur Fossil Preparers/Preparators,
Vocational Collectors & Commercial Fossil Preparing Businesses.
Research & Conservation Establishments.
Since 1984

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Ken Mannion Fossil Preparation Tools
  • Evolved over 30 years of development in conjunction with fossil preparers at every level on a truly comprehensive range of fossil specimens
  • Have an enviable pedigree and long proven ability
  • Individually hand made here in the UK exclusively and uniquely by Ken Mannion they are not available anywhere else.
  • 100% fossil preparation focused. Not generic mass produced modified air engravers with compromised abilities and materials.
  • Personal one to one support and advice with Ken, Mannion, a former qualified Engineer, with over forty thousand hours of Fossil Preparation Experience.
  • Comprehensive servicing & spares backup for all fossil Preparation Tools regardless of age or model.
  • Contact us for extensive further details.You will find me willing to engage, honest & straightforward.

Tel : 01652 660700       Email