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Ken Mannion. 59 Barrow Road. Barton upon Humber. North Lincolnshire. DN18 6AE. UK.
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Fossil Preparation Tools
  • Supplied world wide to over 35 countries for over 25 years.
  • Evolved over 20 years of continuing development in conjunction with countless users at the highest level.
  • Have an enviable pedigree and long proven ability
Details of the Fossil Preparation Tools here

Spares Repairs Upgrades
   Overhauls Maintenance Servicing 
  • Fossil Preparation Tools serviced, rebuilt, repaired and upgraded.
  • Comprehensive Stocks of spares and consumable parts always on stock.
  • I have Professional level workshop production, repair & servicing facilities.
  • I supply valuable, progressive, and essential ongoing support for fossil preparators at all levels.
About Ken Mannion

Ken Mannion has over 40 years of fossil preparation experience and over 25 years of producing, designing, supplying, maintaining and servicing fossil preparation tools.

I am equally comfortable working with leading national museums, university research establishments, commercial fossil dealers or the independent fossil preparer working from a home workshop.

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Auxillary/Specialist Fossil Preparation Equipment  
  • High performing microscopes derived from research level science labs pre-used, second hand and adapted by me for use in typical fossil prep environments with robust modifications. Very expensive to acquire from new at this level of performance.
  • Acid Preparation Baths. Fully integrated with circulation pump, heater, meters. Buffers protectors, drains and RCB etc.. to produce the swiftest safest and most controlled results. Built by consultation only. Supply confined to advancing experienced preparers working from suitable domestic workshop premises. UK only.
  • Stone Working Equipment Polishers grinders lappers etc. Various pre owned second hand 240 volts industrial level machines adapted for home workshops occasionally available.
  • Pre owned industrial quality equipment modified for domestic and independent single user workshops sometimes available. Typical items might include Extractor units. Airbrasive Cabinets. Air delivery systems.

Ken Mannion. Fossil Preparation Compressor

Built locally here by a specialist independent compressor manufacturer here in the North of England to my tried and tested specifications.

240 volts Twin cylinder pump, belt driven, 2 hp motor, 50 litre tank . Usually the optimum type for domestic Garage shed Preparation workshops. Surprising quiet and geared down for gentler less frantic running . Used in my own workshop for years. Typically produce considerably more air (around 3X) than modern "silent" non pumped air compressors of similar size. Supplied only when purchased with our FP tools as a package. UK only.

Ken Mannion. Fossil Preparation Stone Saw   
  • Designed and made totally by me specifically for cutting trimming slicing fossils and their matrixes
  • Ultra Thin 14 inch diameter knotched blade for swift hand feeding with clean clear water lubrication
  • industrial level High build quality for a long and productive life. 240 volts 1.5 hp
  • Ever popular. Over thirty of these have been produced by me.
  • Contact for further details. UK only.

Ken Mannion. "Conserbrasive" air abrading unit

Air abrasive unit, designed and individually made by me utilising the components and performance characteristics of various high end industrial level branded units extensively and typically used in the electronic and engineering industries.

Totally focused towards Geological preparation and archaeological conservation without compromise to other uses. Extremely flexible, economical and reliable performance electric units. Easy to maintain compared to industry based units without any loss of their outstanding flexibility and ability.

Subject to availability, UK only. Contact for further details.

Ken Mannion. 59 Barrow Road. Barton upon Humber. North Lincolnshire. DN18 6AE.United Kingdom.
Visitors by appointment       Tel : 01652 660700       Email