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Complete Starter Setup
  • Avoid the complexity of having to match equipment together yourself, with this well established setup, with a proven track record over many years. Setting up a complete system can be a daunting prospect for those entering the field or the occasional user.
    Setup includes
  • A 240 volt Portable direct drive compressor with a 25 litre tank and 2 HP motor. Very powerful for its size. This compressor can be plugged into a normal 13 amp plug socket. Big enough to run our tools allowing plenty of reserve power. Mobile and light enough to move away when not in use.
  • A 10m extension hose with quick release couplings. The long hose allows the compressor to be placed away from the working area.The length of the air hose can be reduced to suit your requirements..
  • A bench mounted top quality filter regulator for precise and convenient air supply and tool connection.The cost of the multiple accessories, hose, quick connect fittings filter regulator etc that complete this setup typically cost considerably more to acquire than a basic compressor unit..
  • Fully tested and assembled. Because this is an intergrated system they are impractical to ship or post and are available here for pickup collection only subject to appointment .
  • Purchasers can obviously benefit enormously from seeing a setup and our tools in operation on actual fossils in our own fossil preparation workshop.

A Specifically Designed
Fossil Preparation Set Up.
Complete - Refined - Tested - Proven

Aimed specifically at entry level home users, preparing fossils typically on a part time basis or hobby level from home workshops garages, sheds etc, where they are practical and easy to intergrate into a working environment.

Not suitable for domestic 'kitchen table top' environments or use by minors. Industry level, workshop environment, safety guides should always apply.

Prices start from around £480. Subject to actual compressor specification and the tools and accessories supplied.

Email or Telephone for further details.

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