Ken Mannion
   Fossil Preparation Service  

We are equally happy working for amateur collectors, commercial dealers and leading institutions. Charges are typically based on an hourly rate. Financial advantage can be guaranteed if important. Quotes and estimates can usually be given before any work is undertaken.

All work done by Ken Mannion in my own purpose built workshop, probably one of the most cost effective and versatile fossil preparation workshops available.

We do not collect or sell fossils so there is never any conflict of interest. Experience has shown this to be an important factor when choosing a fossil preparation service. Confidentiality is assured. With well over thirty five years fossil preparation experience I can be considered the longest established independent commercial professional Fossil preparation service in the UK.


A 3D preserved Whitby Ichthyosaur Skull complete with rostrum and sclerotic eye rings, as found in its large Lower Jurassic Upper Lias nodule and again after preparation. Found circa 2010 by FK of Yorkshire. Prepared for FK by Ken Mannion.
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