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Since 1996
Fossil Trimming and Slicing saw

Stone trim saws fitted with circular diamond tipped blades are well known in the Geology/lapidary industry. Many aimed at lapidary use are small and designed for relatively small pieces of material the user soon made aware of their limitations, Large saws, slab saws, usually have a power feed vice or clamp and contained within a cabinet primarily designed for slicing slabs usually agates and other very hard silica type materials. They are good at what they do but not ideal for the hand feeding of fossils.

Designed and built by us for ease of use and maintenance, long life, and dependability. Our units have proven reliability some having been in use for almost 30 years slicing and trimming countless thousands of ammonites, bases on display pieces and squaring off fish plates etc.

  • Uses a 14 inch diameter knotched thin blade, 0.060 inch thick for swift cutting of limestones.
  • 1 hp 240 volts motor with full overload protection
  • Belt driven through pulleys that are fully guarded behind mesh.
  • Splash proof on off switch at knee level.
  • Thick plastic rust proof sump to hold clean water so as not to contaminate fossils.
  • Standard plastic waste water fitting acts as both a drain plug or system for fresh water trickle to waste system.
  • Removable splash guards.
  • Robust aluminium table with upturned and welded edges.
  • Steel frame is hot dipped galvanised. There is no paint anywhere on this machine because non is needed.
  • Stainless steel and nylon fastenings throughout.
  • Dimensions 24 x 21 x 36 high. Designed to fit inbetween standard unit sizes if preferred.
  • Front legs have level adjusters.
  • Bearing block is frame, not table, mounted for smooth drive and cutting.
  • Bearings are sealed in a housing with nylon/seal glands for protection from grit and water ingress,
  • Easily removed bearingcover for lubrication and inspection.
  • Stainless steel shaft. Twin lock nuts and aluminium flanges and pulleys.
  • Uses clean water as a lubricant
  • Runs from a 13amp socket with inline RCB protection unit.

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