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Our selection of Fossil preparation related glues fillers polishes media and consolidants

Fossil Finish Varnish White spirit based. 150ml glass bottle. Mail order UK EEC only
Blended and produced specifically for us to enhance finished and prepared fossils.

This is an Artists grade varnish developed specifically to lightly enhance many fossils. It can give many fossils a naturally enhanced brighter harder looking surface without appearing unnatural or painted.

General varnishes, waxes or polishes can react with minerals in the composition of a specimen and badly discolour them. They can also be very difficult to remove.

Fossil finish varnish can be removed with white spirit at any time if it does not look natural or adds to the fossils appeal.

While not being a cure for poor preparation or preservation, it has been used on countless numbers of fossils over many years and has shown to have maintained excellent results.

Price £20. Plus postage cost

Quick Setting Stone Putty Contains stryene. 750ml tin. Mail order UK EEC only
As used by stone masons

A transparent Epoxy paste (though inexplicably marketed as clear) specifically produced for bonding stone. Produced in Italy it can be coloured polished and mixed with rock particles. Sets with the addition of 3% paste from tube supplied. Sets in 20 minutes or longer if mixed weaker. Unlike most other general glues is UV resistant meaning it does not alter colour over time.

Decent sized cost effective 750ml tin with a long shelf life. One can get through a lot of glue on large ammonites and the like.

Price £28. Plus postage cost

PVA 250g granules

Conservation grade high purity PVA granules. (Polyvinyl Acetate) enabling mixing to various concentrations dependent on the Fossil application. Typically used mixed with acetone( when it becomes very quick drying) among other solvents.

Used as a penetrant or coating especially on very porous or "flexible" fossils or matrixes prone to movement or shrinkage such as mammoth teeth or sub fossil bone. Thick mixes are an effective glue.

Can be as thick as treacle or as thin as water with various drying times totally dependent on how you mix it.

Price £14. Plus postage cost

Paraloid B72 100g Beads

Conservation grade high purity Paraloid beads. (Ethyl-Methacrylate) enabling mixing to various concentrations dependent on the Fossil application. Mixed with acetone( Available from chemists DIY shops or paint suppliers) and other similar solvents.

Used as a very effective penetrant or coating being very quick drying. Extensive uses during all stages of fossil preparation.When mixed thick is an effective glue that can be reversed much easier than most other adhesives.

Price £14. Plus postage cost

Stone polish 200g bar

Highly effective, easy to apply Cerium oxide based polish in soap bar form for easy application to polishing wheels and off hand polishing tools.

High quality focused stone polish as used by stonemasons, memorial masons and sculptors for the best finish on stone.

Price £20. Plus postage cost

Airbrasive, Air Abrading, Jet Machining, Air Blasting Powder media

Calcium Carbonate
White Dolomite Powder. 2.5 litre plastic jerry can

Weight 4kg. A very soft gentle powder extremely fossil friendly. Gentle on both machines and fossils, (though can be difficult to flow in some machines). This is the powder we use in preference to all others such as , Aluminium oxide, sodium bicarbonate, glass beads and iron oxide after years of comparison and research.

Produced and packaged for use specifically for fossil preparation by us.

Price £26. Plus postage cost

Postage cost from 1 to 5 cans is often the same cost throughout the UK/EEC



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