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Since 1996
Fossil Preparation Scaler Pen. Model DS  
Pneumatic air operation 
  • Standard airline connector fittings.
  • Inline regulator and pressure gauge
  • 5 Tungsten carbide 0.8mm / 0.030 inch needle points
  • User / operator instructions. Boxed
  • Spanner for pin removal
Frequency 10000 HZ.  
Max air pressure 35psi.   Weight of pen body 75g Approx.

The DS Ultrasonic Pin Vice Pen is one of our specialist preparation /conservation tools. Typically not a fossil preparers first tool, they are a welcome addition to an advancing preparers arsenal. Aimed specifically at microscope work they have the finest level of control and particle removal

Images are of a Lower Lias, LowerJurassic Sunstar ( multi armed starfish) from Whitby, Yorks and show the level of detail possible with the DS pen. Found and prepared by TB of Durham

Features include
  • Independent precise airstream over the needle point for clear working.
  • Very high barely perceptable frequency for ultra delicate control & matrix removal.
  • Low air pressure operation from 10 PSI(0.6bar) to 35 PSI(2.3bar).
  • Precise worktop regulation and switching.
  • Extremely durable Tungsten carbide points for long life and precision
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