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Before and After images

Echioceras aeneum. Lower lias. Dorset. Central Ammonite is 3" diameter (75 mm) done by Phil James of Hampshire one of our longest established customers. Though this is a very recent find.

Heterodontosaur. Text book example of this distinct dinosaur skull with unusual teeth prepared by one of our USA customers Carl Cook of Missouri. Acquired as found.

Promicoceras. An imposing example of the classic Lyme Regis Dorset "Promi" nodule / Ammonite Death bed with excellent symmetry and with a superb rich even deposition, brought out and shown to it best by the highest level of Fossil preparation by J. Mulroy of North Yorkshire.

Addition by Jeff..... This is just one of thousands of fossils I have prepared using fossil preparation equipment supplied (and maintained) by Ken. His support and advice over the last 30 years has been invaluable. I would recommend Ken as being the best place to go for all your equipment .

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