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   Fossil Preparation Tools   
Since 1996
Fossil Preparation Pinvice. Model AF 


  • Standard airline connector fittings.
  • 5 tungsten carbide 0.8mm / 0.030 inch custom made needles.
  • 50 High Carbon Steel needles
  • Flow control valve.
  • Air source connector.
  • Flexible fine 4mm hose 1.8m long.
Features include
  • Precise adjustable airstream over the needle point for clear working.
  • Robust build quality. Well balanced in the hand.
  • High grade stainless steel body.
  • Easy to replace needles. The Tungsten carbide needles have a very long life

The AF (Air Flow) Pin Vice has been developed and is produced solely by us. It has the benefit of an adjustable air flow over the tip. Anyone who has used a basic pinvice will be aware that you often have to stop and brush the debris away that can build up and mask the working area.

The airflow keeps the fine tip clear of dust and particles and progress can continue unhindered with our AF pinvice.

The air flow does not generate any percussion to the point. The particle removal is achieved manually so you retain the finest of control.

If an airflow is not required the hose can be detached simply and quickly without any tools.

Image is of a Therizinosaur Dinosaur Egg with extremely delicate Embyronic Skeletal remains being revealed with the AF pince pen

The airflow pinvice has developed a secondary use as a valuable and useful archaeological conservators tool especially for the cleaning of encrusted excavated ancient coins

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