Ken Mannion
   Fossil Preparation Tools  
Since 1996

About us

I have produced and supplied fossil preparation tools for well over 30 years and supplied them to over 30 different countries. Our tools are in use in countries as diverse as the Vatican State, Mongolia and Tahiti. Our customers include many National Museums and leading Universities and of course countless individuals, many who are amateur collectors who are going it alone somewhat or who are entering the field for the first time.

Being an independent professional business, Ken Mannion is both the head cook and the bottle washer and if you choose to contact us it will be me that you speak to. The tools are designed produced and supplied solely by us here on site in the UK, They are unavailable anywhere else and unique to us.

Specialising solely in Fossil preparation tools combined with over 40 years fossil field collecting, Fossil preparing & fossil retailing experience, means we are in privelaged position in the Fossil preparation world. Whether you are a total beginner, an intrepid amateur , professional collector or a leading museum or university researcher you will find us very approachable...we can talk fossils, fossil preparing and fossil collecting at every level and genuinely enjoy doing so.


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