Ken Mannion
   Fossil Preparation Tools    
   Since 1996
Fossil Preparation Pen. Model NP
      Pneumatic air operation 


  • Stylus removal spanner
  • Instructions for use
  • Pre fitted air connector
  • Lubrication in convenient container
  • The protective sheath for the Needle Point stylus 
  Air consumption less than 2 cfm at 45psi.
Max air pressure 60psi.   Weight of pen body 150g approx.



Our NP Fossil Preparation Pen is extensively remanufactured by us with the addition of several new components based around a generic engraver design, These considerable modifications, many not immediately obvious enable finer precision work and greatly prolong the tools working life and smoothness,

Quiet and easy to operate with a frugal air consumption and a finely adjustable air flow, the NP has remained an enduringly popular pen for many years, especially with Universities and Museums for "gentler" micro work or in a more sedate non workshop type environment, or on smaller specimens and delicate matrixes

Pen shown being used on a slab of hard laminated Old Red Sandstone containing multiple Devonian fish. Orkney Isles.
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